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Viale Virgilio 48
IT 41123 Modena Open location

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Lorenzo Maselli

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Doxee is a multinational hi-tech company and a leading provider of products and solutions for Customer Communication Management, Digital Customer Engagement, and Dematerialization.
At Doxee, we transform the Customer Experience through the use of technologies that help companies communicate with their customers in an effective and engaging way.
Our cloud products make customer communication interactive and personalized, thanks to the use of machine learning, natural language processing, and AI technologies.
Doxee offers a full product portfolio dedicated to customer communication through three lines: Doxee dX or Document Experience is dedicated to document production and distribution (CCM), pX or Paperless Experience provides dematerialization services for electronic invoicing, digital preservation, and advanced electronic signatures, and iX or Interactive Experience is dedicated to the Digital Customer Experience, with the Doxee Pvideo ® and Doxee Pweb ® products.

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