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Xavier de Cocklaan 68
BE 9831 Deurle (Sint-Martens-Latem) Open location

Nominated representative

Sven Dauwe


Business description

Smart invoice outsourcing, going from invoice to cash using all invoice formats, sending via all channels available in the market. We strictly focus on the outbound invoice flow mainly in a B2B billing environment. We help our customers sending out their invoices cheaper, more efficient, legally correct and without any worry for them. Nymus works independent as a spider in the e-invoice delivery market. We integrate with all inbound service providers and use the most economic way to send out the invoice, even if this is a paper invoice. We always join structured data to the invoice.
Nymus integrates with third parties to offer the most flexible and transparent outbound flow processing for our customers.
We offer payment integration, dunning workflow management, connect to cash collection agencies and offer easy invoice factoring capabilities.

Business territory

Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands
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