Interoperability Working Group

One of the primary goals of Gena is to promote and facilitate interoperability. 

Interoperability is the ability for businesses to exchange e-invoices and other electronic business documents across networks and service providers.

Since its formation, GENA (EESPA) has organised its Interoperability Working Group, in which volunteer member representatives actively participate. Its objectives are to:

  1. To establish and develop a strategic approach and future direction for GENA’s interoperability frameworks and activities for approval by the GENA General Assembly and provide ongoing governance.
  2. To make detailed proposals for the development and maintenance of GENA frameworks, agreements, components and tools, taking account of all relevant business, technical and compliance aspects. These will include the implementation of rules, standards and best practices which will result in practical easy-to-implement interoperability arrangements and create maximum reach and network effects.
  3. To fully consult members of GENA, other stakeholders and interested parties and liaise with other stakeholders with an interest in interoperability frameworks.
  4. To provide advice and guidance to GENA Members on the adoption and implementation of the Multilateral Interoperability Agreement (MIFA) and the bilateral Model Interoperability Agreement (MIA), as well as specific technical, compliance, and operational issues.

Since 2022, an important role of this Working Group is to follow up on the activities related to the incubation project with OpenPeppol. The objective of this project is to join forces and work towards a common framework, based on multi-stakeholder governance.

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