Public Policy and Compliance Working Group

GENA undertakes research and makes recommendations through its Public Policy and Compliance Working Group (PPCWG), which is open to all members on a voluntary basis. It engages with stakeholder forums and EU policy- and decision-makers in relation to public policy areas and compliance issues to promote good practice and optimal solutions.

Compliance is defined as those activities undertaken by service providers and their clients to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations impacting invoicing and related processes.

PPCWG's work streams

Within the PPCWG, work is focused on various main work-streams supported by work on other topics as they arise:

  1. Compliance: Improving the GENA Definitions and Responsibility Matrix. Developing guidance to members for the management of compliance when inter-operating with other service providers in a four-corner model.
  2. Continuous Transaction Controls (CTCs); monitoring and providing guidance to members on European and Global CTC developments. Making recommendations for greater harmonization based on clear principles and good practices. Naturally, the European ViDA (VAT in the Digital Age) project and the various member state implementations of CTC's receive significant attention from this Working Group.
  3. MEETINGS: The PPCWG reports on its activities at the GENA General Assemblies in May and Nov and holds regular virtual meetings. Members interested in the topic are invited to join the Working group and register for each of the meetings. 
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