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  • Nordics Chapter - getting started in 2024!

    08/12/2023 , by GENA

    The first meeting of the Nordics Chapter will be organized on Thursday 1 February 2024 from 10:00 AM CET to 11:30 CET. 

  • GENA(EESPA) Statement on EU Digital Reporting Requirements

    07/11/2023 , by GENA

    While the ongoing dialogue among EU Member States and institutions is not open to the public, it would appear from informal discussion...

  • Introducing GENA, the New Identity of EESPA

    26/10/2023 , by GENA

    GENA is the new identity of EESPA

  • EESPA statement on Borderless E-Invoicing and EU Sovereign Clouds

    04/08/2023 , by GENA

    EESPA fully supports European efforts towards data protection and security of business information. In order to ensure that sovereign ...

  • Exchange Summit Dublin 2-4 October 2023

    27/07/2023 , by GENA

    The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Europe will be held in Dublin from October 2 to 4, 2023. At this global platform you will get in-depth...

    Exchange Summit_2023_Dublin_EESPA.png
  • Exchange Summit Dublin - Special conditions for EESPA members!

    10/07/2023 , by GENA

    Login and find out what they are...

  • News from the European Commission: The 2023 eInvoicing Country Factsheets

    04/07/2023 , by GENA

    Substantial enhancements to the eInvoicing Country Factsheets for 2023

    EU Factsheets.png
  • EESPA 2023 GAM Headlines

    02/06/2023 , by GENA

    Read the headlines of the 2023 EESPA General Assembly meeting held on 25 May in Valencia, Spain

  • Invoice Finance: Receivables discount business model

    02/06/2023 , by GENA

    The Invoice Finance Working Group launches a new subgroup which aims to dig deeper into the Receivables Discounting business model.

    Invoice Finance Business opportunities.png
  • EESPA endorses the VeR position towards the German e-invoicing plans

    30/05/2023 , by GENA

    EESPA fully endorses the position document of the VeR on the German plans for mandating e-invoicing. The VeR's support for the BMF pro...

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