• EESPA 2023 GAM Headlines

    02/06/2023 , by GENA

    Read the headlines of the 2023 EESPA General Assembly meeting held on 25 May in Valencia, Spain

  • Invoice Finance: Receivables discount business model

    02/06/2023 , by GENA

    The Invoice Finance Working Group launches a new subgroup which aims to dig deeper into the Receivables Discounting business model.

    Invoice Finance Business opportunities.png
  • EESPA endorses the VeR position towards the German e-invoicing plans

    30/05/2023 , by GENA

    EESPA fully endorses the position document of the VeR on the German plans for mandating e-invoicing. The VeR's support for the BMF pro...

  • EESPA welcomes its 100th Member

    30/05/2023 , by GENA

    During the week of our General Assembly meeting in Valencia we signed up our 100th Member.

    Membership ball.png
  • Feedback to eInvoicing in Europe

    15/05/2023 , by GENA

    The European Commission is undertaking the evaluation of Directive 2014/55/EU to review the effects of the ...

  • EESPA's contribution to the evaluation of Directive 2014/55/EU

    15/04/2023 , by GENA

    Our Public Policy & Compliance Working Group has prepared a response to the European Commission’s consultation in re...

  • EESPA's response to the ViDA proposals

    21/03/2023 , by GENA

    Our Public Policy & Compliance Working Group has prepared a summary response to the European Commission Proposal on ViDA (...

  • Registrations open for EESPA Academy : 22-23 March 2023 Budapest - Hungary

    16/01/2023 , by GENA

    It is our pleasure to invite you to our 2023 EESPA Academy, kindly hosted by our member KPMG.

  • PwC organizes webinar on VAT in the Digital Age

    13/12/2022 , by GENA

    Ellen Cortvriend, Director at EESPA member PwC invites you to join a webinar on ViDA on Tuesday, 20 December 2022 at 16:00 (CE...

    PWC webinar.png
  • 2022 AGM Headlines

    30/11/2022 , by GENA

    EESPA held its Annual General Meeting on 24 November in Brussels. Login to read the Executive Summary and download the full re...

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