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is the Global Exchange Network Association www.gena.net (formerly known as EESPA)


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a Global Location Number (GLN) is used by companies to identify their locations with the flexibility to identify any type or level of location within specifications provided by GS1.

Global Interoperability Framework (GIF)

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is a set of recommended practices, policies, standards and guidelines that enables the exchange of e-Invoices, and other supply chain documents and messages independently of adjacent payment, accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Goods for resale

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are goods acquired by enterprises, such as wholesalers and retailers, for the purpose of reselling them without further processing (that is, not transformed other than by presenting them in ways that are attractive to the customer). It may also refer to raw materials and components purchased by a manufacturing enterprise for direct incorporation into a finished product.

Goods not for resale

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are purchased by enterprises for consumption by internal business units or functions rather than the external customer. Such indirect procurement categories include: marketing related services, professional services, travel, IT hardware software and services, human resource services, facilities management, utilities, consumables, MRO (maintenance, repair and operations), capital goods and fleet management.

GS1 (Global Standards One)

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is a not-for-profit standards organization that manages the assignment of various numbering schemes for global commerce. Active in the world of supply chains in retail, healthcare, transport and logistics, GS1 is well known for having developed the barcode and implementation of standards such as EANCOMGLN and GS1 XML.

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