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refers to supplemental data placed at the beginning of a block of data being stored or transmitted. In data transmission, the data following the header (or ‘envelope’) is often called the payload or body.


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is Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML) is the standard mark-up language for creating web pages and web applications. With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript, it forms a triad of cornerstone technologies for the World Wide.

Hybrid Invoice

Last modified on: 15/07/2022 08:32

is method of embedding structured electronic invoice inside a PDF, using the PDF A/3 format. It is often called a ‘hybrid’ invoice, as it includes both a structured and a human readable presentation. All information present in the structured format must be present in the readable PDF. An alternative to achieve substantially the same effect is where the structured format and the human readable presentation sit side by side in a container or envelope.

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